Business Membership Registration

Business Membership is a great way to reduce costs associated with gifting and Thank You presents. Apply for FREE business membership to get the following advantages:

  1. Across the board discount of 10% on any product featured on Chocolate For The Soul (no quantity restrictions if you have a valid Business Number).
  2. FREE delivery in Southern Ontario, and only $10.00 for the rest of Canada.
  3. Further quantity discounts if applicable.
  4. Save time spent on ordering or personalizing gift boxes and gift baskets for any occasion or festival by pre-ordering them, customized with brands of your choice and with additions such as nuts, cookies and wine (at extra cost).
  5. Collect reward points that you can use to further reduce the cost of your purchase.
  6. Get additional points for referring us to your friends and business contacts

To become a Business Member you must have a valid Business Registration Number if you want discounts with no quantity restrictions, else minimum quantity requirements will apply. Business Membership is conferred at the discretion of Arctic Fox Consumer Brands Inc., which manages the Chocolate For The Soul online store, and may be withdrawn at any time without assigning a reason. After approval (usually within 24 hours) a unique discount code will be assigned to you for availing of the cost savings outlined above.