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Laura Secord - Affiliate Option


This is how the Affiliate option will work : 

1. Laura Secord gives Axa Chocolate World permission to be their affiliate.

2. If Laura Secord does not already have this program, Axa Chocolate World will be able to help Laura Secord set up with reputed affiliate vendors who will not charge Laura Secord any fee until affiliation sales volumes have reached much higher volumes (one advantage to Laura Secord of setting up such an arrangement would be to offer affiliation to other stores and websites also)

3. Viewers selecting the "Laura Secord" icon after entering the "Axa Chocolate World" online store will find themselves inside the Laura Secord online store.

4. Here they will be able to select any Laura Secord product for purchase.

5. After they have paid for selected Laura Secord products (to Laura Secord), these products will be shipped to them by Laura Secord in the usual way.

6. A small amount of commission will be credited to Axa Chocolate World after the customer purchase Laura Secord products via the Axa Chocolate Products online store.